Biblical. Relational. Open-minded. Service oriented.

If the Mission Statement of "Loving God by loving our neighbors" explains "why we exist,” then our four core values should explain the "how."


We love the bible at JCCC. Besides Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we believe the bible is the most precious gift God has given to the world, which is why it is the foundation of everything we do.


We thrive on relationships at JCCC. If you want to be relational and be a part of a community, then you might feel right at home.


At JCCC, we desire to build a unique community where people from all walks of life can worship together as a unified body of believers.

Service Oriented

At JCCC, we want to help incubate devoted disciples of Jesus. Whether you serve your neighbors, your community, your church, or a charity, every disciple of Jesus Christ.